Our commitments

LISI “Go Green” project

At LISI AUTOMOTIVE, sustainable development is an important pillar of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. As a player in the automotive industry, we have a duty to act on our environmental impact. We are looking at our entire supply chain to ensure that our components are designed, produced and delivered in a responsible manner.

The “LISI AUTOMOTIVE goes G.R.E.E.N.” project was born from this reflection.

But what does this expression mean? It’s an acronym that represents all our commitments to the environment.

  • Global range of products allowing a reduction of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases
  • Research and development of new technologies to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions
  • Energy efficiency of our production sites
  • Eco-responsibility of processes and purchases
  • Carbon neutrality by 2050

Research & Development of innovative products

Our research and innovation skills will enable us to assess the carbon footprint of our latest technologies developed (LISI µ-MACH-ASSEMBLY PROCESS® , LISI Holloweld® ) in the near future.

Meanwhile, we are focusing our research programs on reducing the CO2 footprint of our heat treatment operations by:

  • Optimizing the preparation of the steel wire (ranges without annealing or with hydrogen annealing)
    Optimizing the heat treatment of our parts (bainitic hardening instead of martensitic hardening followed by tempering)
    The development of products without heat treatment
    The development of electrical heat treatment lines.

Then, we focused our research programs on more environmentally friendly processes, such as

The search for wire surface treatment products that require less energy and water and generate less waste
Research into natural lubricants for forming operations.