We are well known in the industrial world for the quality of our products, but do you really know our brands?

Our expertise comes from three brands recognized in the industrial market which compose LISI AUTOMOTIVE: LISI Nomel, LISI Knipping and LISI Rapid.

LISI Nomel, specialist of Washers, Clips & Nuts. LISI Nomel is on the market for more than 50 years. LISI Nomel has a sales revenue of around 35M€.

LISI Knipping : SAFETY, REALIABILITY, INGENUITY. Specialist of applications screws, KNIPPING has a sales revenue of around 95M€.

LISI Rapid : SPEED,EASE OF USE, ASSEMBLY COST SAVING. LISI Rapid proposes a full range of clip solutions, in metal and/or in plastic.