For whom have our products been designed ?

For more than 200 years, LISI has become a sustainable supplier and innovative partner to industry for value added fasteners. We propose a wide range of threaded fasteners, screws, nuts, clipped solutions in metal and/or plastic, etc.

Our products can be used in many different industries, such as : agricultural sector, household appliances, HVAC, sink installation, electrical cabinets and electrical management, railway, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, etc.

Some examples of applications

Like agriculture, construction and maintenance jobs are possible thanks to the use of machinery. LISI AUTOMOTIVE offers a wide range of robust and reliable products to guarantee the life of your machines.


Water heaters, heat pumps, boilers, radiators, refrigeration systems… these equipments are equipped with evolving technologies, in order to meet the environmental challenges. LISI AUTOMOTIVE now manufactures products that meet these challenges.


Every day, we use the appliances and other equipment in our homes. LISI AUTOMOTIVE supports you by offering a wide range of standard or customized fasteners according to your needs.


When designing sinks, our manufacturer customers think about both the end user and the installer’s challenges. By choosing LISI AUTOMOTIVE’s fastening solutions, they guarantee their customers high-performance equipment.


The industry is a sector in full change, constantly in search of innovation, with digitalization and new ways of manufacturing. Drawing on our experience in the automotive industry, LISI AUTOMOTIVE is able to offer industrial clients a wide range of fasteners that combine robustness and speed of assembly.


Increasing urbanization across the globe, new transport consumption patterns, decreasing pollution and CO2 emissions and now cleanliness/sterility are all challenges to which transport operators must respond while respecting economic constraints. Thus LISI AUTOMOTIVE proposes a wide range of robust, reliable, high-performance and environmentally friendly products.


With the progressive digitalization of industrial infrastructures, the infallible management of electrical circuits remains essential. To help them meet this challenge, our customers who supply electrical cabinets and other electrical management equipment rely on LISI AUTOMOTIVE solutions.