LInk Solutions for Industry

We are a specialist in the design and manufacture of sustainable assembly solutions for the industry

Thanks to the mastery of our main processes (cold forging, cutting, plastic injection, precision machining, etc.), we can offer a wide range of products to the market. Screws, washers, nuts, bolts, cage nuts, etc. We can make them all!

Because LISI Automotive is also that.

Some of our industrial customers rely on LISI AUTOMOTIVE’s expertise in threaded & clipped, plastic and metal fasteners to develop the perfect solution for their needs. Many of our industrial customers also find the right product for them from our existing products’ range, which covers a very large number of types and sizes of threaded and clipped fasteners, washers and components. Discover our different types of applications for the industry>>>>

Where does the LISI AUTOMOTIVE industry come from?

Nomel, Knipping and Rapid

Indeed, if LISI AUTOMOTIVE has been able to develop in the automotive sector while adapting to other industrial fields, this is due to the three brands that make up the company.